The Concessions Hiding behind the Army Disptch
Kimura Aiji shows us the reality of the PKO (peace keeping operation) dispatch of the Self Defense Forces to Kampuchea (Cambodia) and reveals the fraud of media reports only from official sources.

Directed by KIMURA Aiji/30 minutes/Produced in 1993

(Serial No.)FR-01 3,675yen Japanese

Abridged Japanese Version of the Gas Chamber Verification by David Cole
Fieldwork in the 'gas chamber' of Auschwitz by David Cole, a Jew, showing its contradictions and the situation of news coverage in the US about it.

Directed by David Cole/21 minutes/Produced in 1995

(Serial No.)FR-02 2,100yen Japanese

1999 Enlarged Version of "Who Killed the Sea-Birds"
Showing an intention of CNN to buy the copyright of a programme of TV Asahi. The programme was based on an article by Kimura Aiji, who concluded that the US Army was the source of oil spilled in the sea.

Directed by KIMURA Aiji/45 minutes/Produced in 1998

(Serial No.)FR-03 3,150yen Japanese

The Miraculous Tricks of the Land Developement Public Corporation
`composed from the hand made trial play by the citizens`

Kimura Aiji, advocating "Act locally", reveals the fact of unutilized land equivalent to 55 billion yen (480 million US dollars), underscoring the corrupt situation of 'local autonomy'.

Directed by KIMURA Aiji/47 minutes/Produced in 1996

(Serial No.)FR-04 2,100yen Japanese