Ogawamachi Cine Club
No Sea Base〜Video Document NAGO〜
A record of the struggle of the Nago citizens against a base on the sea.                    

Directed by NITTA Susumu/35 minutes/Produced in 1998

(Serial No.)GC-01 3,000yen Japanese

The Fired Workers
A record of the persistent struggle of fired workers through the death of Mr. Cho Su Won.                  

Directed by Lee Ji-young/90 minutes/Produced in 1996

(Serial No.)GC-02 5,000yen Japanese

Documentary Okinawa's Anti-War Landowners
The video documentary records open hearings by the Okinawa Prefectural Land Expropriation Committee, where anti-war landowners struggle against Japanese Government that tries to force them to provide their land to the U.S. bases in Okinawa by special law.

Directed by NITTA Susumu/55 minutes/Produced in 1996

(Serial No.)GC-03 5,000yen Japanese/English-subtitle

Video Documentary Karoshi―English Version―
The number of deaths from overwork, called KAROSHI reach ten thousand a year in Japan, equal to that from traffic accidents. Millions of people working more than 3000 hours every year are also at threshold of KAROSHI.

Directed by NITTA Susumu/31 minutes/Produced in 1993

(Serial No.)GC-04 6,000yen Japanese/English-subtitle