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Japan, the shameful state in human rights - Torture in detention cells -
What's going on in detention facilities in Japan - at police stations, in protection cells, or at immigration ?        

55 minutes/Produced in 1995

(Serial No.)JN-01 6,000yen Japanese

Here comes the anti-subversive activities law!
What is the Sabotage Prevention Act ? And what is the problem with this law ? Its application to the Aum Shinrikyo was a point of controversy.

30 minutes/Produced in 1996

(Serial No.)JN-02 5,000yen Japanese

Wiretap bill ~ The day the police become privacy-napers ~
What is the Wiretapping Bill ? This informative work lets you know the dangers of this bill.                    

35 minutes/Produced in 1997

(Serial No.)JN-03 5,000yen Japanese

-Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-

This video shows you why the United Nations drew up the Convention Against Torture in 1984. Nevertheless, torture still continues around the world, and even in Japan.

27 minutes/Produced in 1998

(Serial No.)JN-04 5,000yen Japanese