Minamata-Victims and Their World
This monumental documentary about Minamata disease let the problem become known to the world. The victims have not only suffered from the disease itself, but also discrimination because of it.

Directed by TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki/120 minutes/Produced in 1971

(Serial No.)SE-01 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese/English-subtitle

Message from Minamata to the World
A detailed explanation about Minamata disease, which, it was said, was the first pollution-related disease.                

Directed by TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki/42 minutes/Produced in 1976

(Serial No.)SE-02 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese/English-subtitle

Our Town, Our Youth―ISHIKAWA Sayuri sings her heart out in Minamata
Victims of Minamata disease in their 20s organized a concert performed by Ishikawa Sayuri for those who are bedridden. The aim of the concert was for them to recognize and understand themselves.

Directed by TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki/43 minutes/Produced in 1978

(Serial No.)SE-03 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese

Minamata Disease―Thirty Years
30 Years have passed since the problem of Minamata disease began. Is the affair being forgotten ?                       

Directed by TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki/43 minutes/Produced in 1987

(Serial No.)SE-04 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese

Hiroshima no Pika
A story of a family who suffered from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. "There would be no bomb without someone to drop it".

Directed by TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki/25 minutes/Produced in 1987

(Serial No.)SE-05 9,990yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese