Town Alive!
Depicting the warm-hearted buraku people (outcasts) in Osaka, who stand high against discrimination.                     

Directed by KOIKE Masato/80 minutes/Produced in 1986

(Serial No.)SG-01 29,400yen Japanese/English-subtitle

HELLFIRE : A Journey from Hiroshima
Maruki Iri and Toshi say, "in our works, we always depict the terribly cruel scenes but always want to do it with tenderness".

Directed by John Junkerman/58 minutes/Produced in 1988

(Serial No.)SG-02 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese/English

The Wind Blowing From Shigaraki
A document about mentally impaired people in Shigaraki, a ceramics town in Shiga prefecture. They are really open-minded.

Directed by NISIYAMA Masahiro/91 minutes/Produced in 1990

(Serial No.)SG-03 5,040yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese

The River with No Bridge
A novel of Sumii Sue was made into a film. She depicted the buraku people who struggled for human dignity and against discrimination.

Directed by HIGASHI Yoichi/139 minutes/Produced in 1992

(Serial No.)SG-04 16,590yen Japanese/English-subtitle

The Shadow of Death―The Prison Life of Menda Sakae―
The hero was sentenced to death for nothing and obliged to be in prison for 34 years. But he was finally proved innocent after a retrial.

Directed by KOIKE Masato/88 minutes/Produced in 1993

(Serial No.)SG-05 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese

Ripples of Change
A director living in New York in search of Women's Lib in Japan after her encounter with a certain Japanese woman.          

Directed by KURIHARA Nanako/57 minutes/Produced in 1993

(Serial No.)SG-06 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese/English

A documentary of the scenes and lives along the Arakawa River - from the source to the mouth.                       

Directed by HAGIWARA Yoshihiro/80 minutes/Produced in 1993

(Serial No.)SG-07 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese

The second version of 'Arakawa', depicting the people along the lower reaches.                                

Directed by HAGIWARA Yoshihiro/80 minutes/Produced in 1995

(Serial No.)SG-08 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese

Alternative Life―Alcohol Addiction
Depicting alcoholics who try to recover by themselves. They say, "the best cure for us is to talk about ourselves".                  

Directed by KOIKE Masato/101 minutes/Produced in 1995

(Serial No.)SG-09 21,000yen(Library price 63,000yen) Japanese

MACHI―The Story of Two Neighborhoods
Depicting the people in Mukojima, who cooperate in disaster prevention and community development with one another. "Town planning is our own improvement".

Directed by KUMAGAI Hiroko/55 minutes/Produced in 1995

(Serial No.)SG-10 9,450yen(Library price 31,500yen) Japanese/English-subtitle