Video Press
Forced Korean laborers
Testimonies by Koreans forcibly taken from their hometown during World War II reveals hidden and shocking facts about what happened to them.

33 minutes/Produced in 1990

(Serial No.)VP-01 6,300yen Japanese

Testimonies of Korean `comfort women' ―Pyongyang 1992―
For the first time, four North Korean ex-comfort women testify about their terrible experiences in summer, 1992 after a silence of half a century. The crimes of the Japanese 'Imperial Army' were beyond our imagination.

30 minutes/Produced in 1992

(Serial No.)VP-02 5,250yen Japanese

Speaking out before we die
―International Public Hearing Postwar Compensation of Japan―

A moving documentary of the International War Compensation Hearing held in December, 1992. Ex-comfort women and forced laborers gathered in Japan from all around Asia.

40 minutes/Produced in 1993

(Serial No.)VP-03 5,250yen Japanese/English-subtitle

Unhealed scar
This is a digest of the history of the comfort women issue in Japan - consisting of voices of the victims and the situation in the United Nations.

20 minutes/Produced in 1996

(Serial No.)VP-04 2,625yen Japanese

The warnig from garbage
This is a detailed report about pollution at incinerators leaking dioxin. It's time to listen to the warning from garbage in order to reconsider mass production, consumption and disposal.

25 minutes/Produced in 1994

(Serial No.)VP-05 4,200yen Japanese

Give another life to garbage
Case studies concerning solutions of the garbage problem - from the cities of Numazu, Abiko, and the town of Usuda.           

40 minutes/Produced in 1995

(Serial No.)VP-06 5,250yen Japanese

Human Rights for Japanese Railway Workers
The history of the 36 Kokuro struggle groups. 1047 Railway workers were fired simply because they were Kokuro members, and they have been fighting against the firing for 10 years.

16 minutes/Produced in 1996

(Serial No.)VP-07 2,625yen Japanese/English-subtitle

Pollution of electromagnetic waves
This shows the danger of electromagnetic waves and how to protect ourselves from them. There are many 'dangerous' items around us, such as handy phones.

35 minutes/Produced in 1997

(Serial No.)VP-08 5,250yen Japanese

The Flickering Flame
A documentary of the dockworkers' struggle in Liverpool, showing the reality of deregulation in the UK.             

Directed by Ken Lorch/50 minutes/Produced in 1996

(Serial No.)VP-09 5,250yen Japanese

Metal of Dishonor - Depleted Uranium : The Pentagon's Secret Radioactive Weapon
DU (depleted uranium) shells, which were used during the Gulf War, have caused very serious health problem to former American soldiers and the Iraqi people.

35 minutes/Produced in 1997

(Serial No.)VP-10 3,675yen Japanese

In The Name Of The Emperor
A documentary of the Rape of Nanjing in 1937 - from a treasured film of Pastor Maggie, testimonies, and library pictures.

Directed by Christine Choy・Nancy Tong/50 minutes/Produced in 1995

(Serial No.)VP-11 6,300yen Japanese

Watching From Behind
A detailed document of the vending office where 'surveillance from behind' of the staff has been carried out. This shows the contradiction of the division and privatization of the Japanese National Railways.

30 minutes/Produced in 1998

(Serial No.)VP-12 3,675yen Japanese

Deregulation No―message from Liverpool dockers
The encounter between Liverpool's dockworkers and Japan's Kokuro members, both in a struggle against their firing, touched the heartstrings of both groups. What is deregulation and solidarity for workers ?

20 minutes/Produced in 1998

(Serial No.)VP-13 3,150yen Japanese

The struggle of the Aborigines to protect Kakadu National Park, a world heritage site, against the development of the Jabiluka uranium mine.

Directed by Davide Bladberry/53 minutes/Produced in 1998

(Serial No.)VP-14 4,200yen(Library price 12,600yen) Japanese